Pendergardens, St. Julian's,
St. Julians

Located in St Julian’s, Pendergardens provides a mix of modern and contemporary living with open spaces and spacious living quarters. It enjoys a communal piazza, easy access to the beach, cultural centres, tourist attractions, and high-end restaurants and shops.

About Pendergardens, St. Julian's

About Pendergardens

Located in the bustling district of St Julian's, Pendergardens is a self-contained development that combines the convenience of being close to Malta's vibrant shopping and entertainment areas with the exclusivity and security of a gated community. This luxury property offers all the amenities one would expect from a bustling metropolis while providing a haven of comfort and tranquility.

One of the standout features of Pendergardens is its car-free environment, which creates a peaceful and serene atmosphere for residents. The development is centered around a spacious piazza, adding to the sense of tranquility. Notably, the architectural design of Pendergardens is striking and prominent, incorporating environmentally friendly planning principles. This ensures that residents can enjoy healthy, well-ventilated, and traffic-free open spaces. Additionally, the development provides convenient underground parking facilities for residents' vehicles.

Pendergardens stands out among other prominent residential development projects in Malta due to three key distinguishing factors: its prime location, exceptional value-for-money, and extensive range of property choices.


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