Portomaso Marina, St. Julian's,
St. Julians

Portomaso Marina, Situated in the heart of St Julian's, Portomaso is renowned as one of the most prestigious and opulent locations in Malta. Its enviable location is surrounded by a picturesque yacht marina, a collection of exquisite restaurants, and an array of upscale boutiques and retail stores.

About Portomaso Marina, St. Julian's

About Portomaso Marina

Within Portomaso, you will find exceptionally luxurious apartments, offering a range of sizes from approximately 50 square meters to 300 square meters. These apartments are situated across different blocks, providing captivating views of the marina, open sea and lush gardens.

Among the offerings are remarkably spacious duplex apartments that boast mesmerising sea views and garden terraces. Additionally, there are magnificent penthouses with private pools, showcasing top-notch finishes and breathtaking vistas of the marina and open sea. Portomaso attracts both local buyers and international investors, standing out as an exceptional opportunity within Malta's property market. 

Its combination of serene leisure and vibrant city life creates a truly unique experience, making it a sought-after destination that houses some of the finest establishments for leisure and dining.


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